A shelf-estuarine species distributed at depths between 0-90 m on muddy and sandy bottoms. The frequency of spawining depends of latitude, with two spawining periods (spring and summer) in the Chesapeake Bay. Maximum longevity: 3 years. Non-selective feeding includes oysters, clams, other benthic invertebrates, fishes, and plants material, also detritus and carrion.

Dungeness Crab--- King Crab---Snow Crab--- Blue Crab--- Lobster--- Salmon--- Octopus--- Tuna--- Mackerel--- Herring

Seaurchin--- Monkfish--- Geoduck--- Shrimp--- Oysters--- Tuna-Roe--- Sardines--- Skate-Wings--- Mussels--- Moon-Fish

--- Grey-Mullet--- Conch--- Clams--- Sole--- Halibut--- Silver Pomfret---Yellow Croaker--- Mahi Mahi--- Marlin

--- Red-Snapper--- Emperor--- Moon Tail---Sword-Fish--- Seer-Fish--- King-Fish--- Trigger-Fish---Reef-Cod

Squid---Chilean Sea Bass---Red Fin Bream---Sea-Crab

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Local Names

English : Blue crab.
French : Crabe bleu, Crabe nageur.
German : Blaukrabbe.
Greek : Galázios kávouras.
Hebrew : Shayat-kahol.
Italian : Granchio nuotatore.
Russian : Sinii kzab.
Spanish : Cangrejo azul, Jaiba azul.
Turkish : Mavi yengeç.

(Callinectes sapidus Rathbun)
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