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Chum Salmon
(Oncorhynchus Keta)

chum salmon

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Chum Salmon: Local Names

Danish : Ketalaks.
Dutch : Chum Zalm.
English : Chum, Chum salmon, Dog salmon, Keta.
Finnish : Koiralohi.
French : Saumon keta.
German : Hundslachs, Ketalachs.
Greek : Salomós.
Italian : Salmone keta.
Japanese : Sake, Shiro-zake.
Norwegian : Ketalaks.
Polish : Keta.
Portuguese : Salmao câo.
Russian : Keta.
Serbo-Croat : Vrsta lososa.
Spanish : Salmón chum.
Swedish : Hundlax, Keta.

Anadromous, pelagic at 0-50 m, but deeper in winter, forming dense shoals during spawning run and making considerable migrations; juveniles in mouths of rivers and bays. Feeds on fishes (herring, sand eels, smelt), also crustaceans; young at sea on crustaceans (harpacticoids, calanids, amphipods); in freshwater, adults do not feed. Summer population enters rivers early July to late August, spawning from mid-August; autumn population enters rivers from mid-August, spawning from mid-September at 2-8 years old (usually 3-4); adults die after spawning shoals in estuarine areas and often remaining near the shore for several months and at sea for 3-5 years. Fecundity varies greatly with body-size, 2000 to 5000 eggs. Development of eggs also varies greatly with water temperature. Fertilization to hach-out to absorption of yolk requires 48 days at 10º C.

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