Silver pomfret Halibut Cuttle Fish ( Sepia sp.) Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus)

(Sepia Sp.)

cuttle fish

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Local Names:

ALGERIA : Choubai, Chouebi, Seiba, Seich, Sepia, Seppio.
BULGARIA : Sepija.
CYPRUS : Soupia.
EGYPT : Sobbeit.
FINLAND : Mustekala, Sepia.
FRANCE : Casseron, Chibia, Margade, Seiche, Corsica: Seppia.
GERMANY : Gemeiner Tintenfisch, Sepie.
GREECE : Soupia.
ISRAEL : Dyonon refui.
ITALY : Pruppusiccia, Scarpetta, Scarpitta, Scarpitelle (juveniles), Secce, Seccetella, Sepa, Sepia imperiale, Seppa, Seppia, Siccia.
JAPAN : Mongoika, Yoroppa kouika.
LEBANON : Sabbidije.
LIBYA : Shoubia.
MALTA : Sicca.
MONACO : Supia.
MOROCCO : Chubei, Seiche.
NETHERLANDS : Gewone Inktvis, Zeekat.
PORTUGAL : Chêco, Chôco, Madeira: Choco.
ROMANIA : Sepia.
SENEGAL : Seìche.
SPAIN : Aluda, Castañuela, Choco, Chocón, Coca, Jibia, Jibión, Luda, Rellena, Relleno, Sipia, Sipionet.
TUNISIA : Choubei.
Chouebi : Seche, Sibia, Sipia, Soubia.
TURKEY : Sübye.
UK : Cuttlefish.
Former USSR : Kora katitza.



A demersal, neritic species occurring predominantly on sandy to muddy bottoms from the coastline to about 200 m depth, but most abundant in the upper 100 m; larger individuals are encountered in the deeper part of the range. Seasonal migrations (mainly vertical) have been shown to occur in all stocks. For the population off Senegal, Bakhaykho & Drammeh (1982) suggest a seasonal north-south, and an offshore-inshore migration pattern. In the western Mediterranean, in early spring, large individuals leave the deeper water, where they spend the winter, to migrate into shallower water (males precede females by about a week). This group is followed by a succession of smaller cuttlefish arriving in shallow waters throughout the summer. In autumn the gradual descent beings. Spawning occurs in shallow waters, throughout the year, with peaks at water temperatures from 13° to 15°C: in the western Mediterranean, between April and July, off Senegal and on the Sahara Banks between January and April (primarily big adults); there is a second minor spawning peak of medium and small-sized individuals in late summer and early autumn. Males may carry up to 1 400 spermatophores, females between 150 and 4 000 eggs, depending on their size. Eggs measure from 8 to 10 mm in diameter and are attached in grape-like clusters to seaweeds, debris, shells and other substrates. They hatch after 30 to 90 days depending on temperature (21.5 ° to 15°C, respectively). The total length of hatchlings is 7 or 8 mm. Growth rate varies directly with temperature and inversely with size (Pascual, 1978).


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