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Sockeye Salmon
(Oncorhynchus Nerka)

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Chum Salmon: Local Names

English : Blueback salmon, Kickininee, Kokanee, Little redfish, Red salmon, Sockeye, Sockeye salmon, Yank.
French : Saumon nerka, Saumon rouge.
German : Rotlachs.
Japanese : Beni-zake.
Spanish : Salmón rojo

Anadromous, enters rivers in summer and spawns from autumn to winter in lake tributaries. Fecundity is about 2,000 to 4,000, and eggs are deposited by several redds. Incubation period varies from 2 to 5 months depending on temperature. Emerged fry go down to lakes and spend several years feeding on lake plankton. Young move to sea when the water temperature reaches over 7º C. Main food items in the open ocean are squid, small fish, and plankton such as amphipods and copepods. After 2 to 4 years of life in the sea, the salmon migrate to rivers. Thus mode of life of red salmon has many variations. Ages at spawning runs are between 2 to 8

Sockeye Salmon Recipes

Baked Sockey Salmon with Bell Peppers & Capers

Our Favorite Sockeye Marinade

Sake Steamed Sockeye Salmon

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